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Over the Years

As it began, the march of the black queen.
They were live killers when they hit the scene.

The first album gave us a Smile,
And told us to keep ourselves alive a while.

The second try gave us a hit.
It sailed through the seven seas a bit.

Now they're here with killer stilettoes.
In the lap of the gods is how that goes.

A night at the opera and a bohemian rhapsody.
Thirty-nine loves of their lives, ain't it pretty?

The fifth try turns night to day,
And here they took my breath away.

Now they rocked our world with news,
But spread their wings too late and got melancholy blues.

Dreamin' of jazz in only seven days,
Fat bottomed girls on bikes left us in a haze.

Another one bites the dust as they sail away.
All the while rockin' the prime jive I'd have to say!

Nothing but a man who could never fail,
Flash was the hero in this tale.

Their best friend and somebody to love were hurled
Onto this album that made them champions of the world.

Under pressure they have staying power,
And the body language keeps you up many an hour.

They gave us the works and a spectacualr show.
Helped us break free and keep passing the open window.

With one vision a kind of magic prevailed.
"Don't lose your head," highlander yelled.

Having a party on Kashoggi's ship,
I want it all seemed to fit.

At the beeb was to their delight,
And those fairy kings are still doing alright.

Please excuse my innuendo,
But we must go on with the show.

It only went platinum five times,
But the greatest hits had good rhymes.

Time to take a look at those classic times,
Weren't those just the days of our lives?

Freddie's gone now, but it's made in heaven.
It's a beautiful day on November twenty-seven.

Through the madness, through the tears,
I've got Queen for a million years.
In my heart Queen rocks and will not die,
And I ain't never, never, sayin' good-bye.

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