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All poetry on this page was writen soley by me! If you like it, please feel free to share it, but give credit to me as the author (Tom Clark). I'd love some feedback and email from all the wonderful people that visit my page! Thanks!



From Afar
You can make the darkness light, Because you make the sun burn bright. You can make the tides rise and fall, And you can always hear me call. You can make the world go 'round, And shake all that's bad to the ground. You can make this world seem vast, You always know the perfect spell to cast. Or maybe you'd like to keep things small, And make this a glorious world for one and all By just staying who you are, And let us love you from afar. To come so close to your magnificence Would surely be complete and total bliss. Though I can say I still feel it now. Even as I ask the question how, The answer comes back by way of the stars in the sky: You've left an impression on my soul that can never die.
Why do we dream and what paints these surreal pictures? I would not care to say. For every soul has their own story today. And today one dreams of the years past, Or lost loves that were never meant to last. Space, queens, or kings, Fantasy worlds and scary things. But I leave all this behind. There is but one consciousness in my mind. What is the thing that I focus on most? Your perfect love, yes I must boast, Is the greatest thing to happen in my life. You cannot quench it, shake it, or split it with a knife. This is the extent of the love I feel for you, And is why everything I must do, To place you by my side. To love you, hold you, to never chide. Now I think I have explained my purpose well. Forever, in my heart, is where you'll dwell. I will wake up in the morning and put other thoughts at bay. All I need to do is stare at the moon all day. For when the night comes down, It's you I have found, In my dreams forever. You will leave them never.
For the Rest of My Life
To gaze into your eyes is like being in an endless sea of magnificent constellations, And to kiss your tender hand is to forever have the bliss of a million sunsets. Your radiant beauty burns forever in my heart. The passion of all the lovers in the world cannot match mine for you. To feel your heart close to mine is like finding the richest treasure, And to take that heart into my soul forever is to live in Heaven on Earth, For the rest of my life. . .
Night Magic
Every night when it's dark outside, I always dream of you by my side. And getting lost in the stars is not as great, As you and me together; the perfect fate. So I close my eyes, and there you'll appear. You make me happy and take away my fear. But if nights turn long, and I grow restless in bed, Again, I think of you, and my heart is forever fed. So there's no more aches and no more pains. Inside your sweet love it never rains. But now it's time to awaken to a new day. More I'll think of you, and everything's okay.
The Depth of My Love
Let it be known throughout the land! You are one sweet lady, forever grand! And when I enthrone you in my mind, A vision of greatness is all I find. And if everytime I think of you Someone would give me a dollar or two, I would be the richest man alive! But who needs all that to survive? Moneies and fame is not what I want, Just you and you I've got. So this one thing, All the sunshine that you bring, Makes me the happiest man in town, And whenever I travel the world around. Basking in your perfect glory and love, Gives me your greatness on Earth and above. Through all of this I've come to know, I will cling to your heart and never let go!
Rainbow Ride
You're not gonna stop me, so don't even try! Nothing brings me down from my everlasting high! I mean it when I say my love runs true, For I wouldn't have this high if not for you. When the sun burns low and the shadows are cast, I treasure your love in my future, present, and past. And when I feel the pull of your heart from miles away, It's truely shameful that here I must stay. But the rainbow in the sky blinds me. Now I can't see the troubles that may be. So I'll leave them for another day, And go out in the rain to play With my thoughts of you and a far off time. You are my rainbow, in me you shine!
Reflecting (For every half-past thing)
I sit and watch the time speed by. Reflections tell me our love will never die. How long has it been and where to next? Half a year, and I still think you're best. In the mirror I see your face, And my smile reflects your grace. Heavenly angels from high above Cannot reflect apon our love. For we have the greatest passion of all. Into the next halves we shall never fall. Behind these walls I see your light Reflecting warmth throughout the night. Soon we'll touch in hot embrace, All our love reflecting in your face. Gazing ahead a million years, The reflections relieve my fears. Through the stars you're by my side, Joining me in a reflection ride.
Taking a Message of Love
Scene 1 I have been thinking, it isn't bad at all. You might not get to see me, or even get to call, But deep inside I know you love me, And everyday you're thinking of me. The next flight out leaves real soon, And if it were up to you, you'd be here by noon. Scene 2 Sometimes I get to thinking of the old days. Memories of fun and a shady-bright haze. Getting the busy signal and being directed to a friend. Here begins a love that will never end. Out with the old, in with the new. Now all I can think of is you. Scene 3 I was tossed around, rough and tumbled about. No one seemed to notice me, so short and stout. Not very long after my feelings changed, came the day. I saw something I wanted and had something to say. Going to extremes and even using money, I got near you, close enough to taste the honey. Scene 4 He asked me this time, And we grew under the moonshine. But soon my other love would leave, And I have to admit I did grieve. All so soon I was swept off my feet. Now getting the respect I deserve, he'll never cheat. Be warned to keep open the lines, For it is time to make new binds. Scene 5 Take a message of love, And be shot high, higher above. I must have looked surprised, And I know you saw it in my eyes. I've given you enough clues, But far away now, I sit with my blues. I cannot say it wasn't worth it though. We sure do know how to put on a show! Scene 6 So glad we managed to find a degree of peace. All I must do now is look north-east. I seemed to forget all the bad things in my life. Even how my soul was torn and cut like a knife. You were there to piece it all together and make me complete. We'll keep on trying and never admit defeat! Scene 7 I must go now, it's getting late. Believe me now when I say not to fool with fate. I give to you a dozen red roses, And this letter, as my heart, closes.
Take Me Away
I sit here and think, but don't know where to start. There are endless opportunities in your love, your art. Yet something else roams my mind today. Very soon I'll be far and long away. I'll leave behind my home for a different view, But where ever I go, I have a home in you. I've made my point, though rather short. In your love I've built a fort. Once again I fell into the same scheme, Because it's your love that builds every dream. Would it be right to take my mind away? That would be telling children not to play. I guess this shows how much I think of you, And how our love, forever, runs true. Now take me away, And let me play.
The Feeling
I was sitting in silence, thinking about some things. Something strange started to happen, it wasn't a dream. It came over me quite fast, but I did not get frightened. This was a wonderful feeling deep in my chest. With my hand I fumbled about, trying to find the ever growing feeling. Into my chest I grabbed and clenched my heart and held it in front of me. It was beating with a force like none ever felt, bringing joy to my every limb. I was determined to find the reson of its great joy. I searched my heart inside and out, until something caught my eye. It was something that had not been there before, yet was not out of place. I found a tiny engraving and tried to scratch it off, but it would not smudge. With a closer look I could see, it was something great. It was your name perminantly etched, because my heart belongs to you.
The Future is Bright
It appears to be a long time before the light. The problems near are put at bay. I'll find an end to such a plight. Good or bad, let it be what it may. The clouds darken and the sky is overcast. I wade in confusion without rescue As shadows form from the present and past. In the dark, images become askew. Through the years, I've been taught best. Getting stuck in a tree is not good for your kite. Dump the problems out and they'll lay to rest. There is the sun through the clouds... the future is bright.
I want to waste a little time. I've got the world up on my shoulders. And with time I can see it grow a little older. And in my life Time comes just a little bolder. But I'm not ashamed Cause in this world there is heartache and pain. When the hearts collide... It's in time.
A Little Rain
I found some old letters today Bringing up past memories that had gone away. Was life better that past day in the sun? It seems as though I had more fun. I know it wasn't always laughs back then, But I didn't care for the future around the bend. Ages pass and the years go by, And my heart lets out a cry. What memories from today might I forget tomorrow? I hope they're not all filled with sorrow. Now older, to the future I must look. Like reading chapters in an unfinished book. I want to smile and laugh, not pay a fine In the future, thirty-nine years down the line. In my head I hope things will always work out, But always is the word I have come to doubt. I apologise for this work of a lonely lane, But for all the sun we must have a little rain.
For my crocadile: The Key
I have hopes and I have fears. We've had sadness and some tears. I hold the key to my fate, But the question's when shall I unlock this gate? Do more troubled times lie ahead? Or will the change be left for dead? I cannot see for you have blinded me. I can't think clearly down on one knee. Who told you to fly your kite When the winds of change blew with all their might? All my feelings of love have turned to distress. These days I feel even more loneliness. Each night I restlessly dream. You tore my life at its seam. Is it easy to sew back together? How are things and how's the weather? The only questions I ask and answer. Life's so drab so I look after the gate. I still hold the key to my fate. For an answer I beg and plead. All I want is to be freed. Yet I still don't know how to be, But I know I want to be me. . .
Jamie means so many things to me. Like a friend who always seems to care. She is such a pleasure to see, And my deapest thoughts with her I share. Times get hard and times get tough, But Jamie's brilliance shines through. She always seems to be made of stronger stuff. She makes this world brighter for me and you. I cannot tell her enough how much she means. I need to find a word to ryhme... I have a picture of Jamie wearing jeans! Maybe I'll change that line with the coming of time... This poem may be short, But in it I bear my soul. It's not even a legal document in court. All I know is it takes Jamie to make me whole. I know my poems aren't usually this funny, But I wrote it while in the bath. I hope someday to spoil Jamie with tons of money. For now I am glad I can just make her laugh!
Images of You
Everywhere around me I see images of you Through words you say and things you do. I wake up in the morning to the birds' song. I think of you and I can't go wrong. In the afternoon when the sun is in full shine, I have sweet wishes of you being mine. Then the evening comes and I watch the sun set. You are beautiful and I am caught in your net. Darkness falls and I gaze at the night sky. You make my heart feel as if it could fly. Everytime of day I see images of you Through happiness you give and the things you do. You are the morning dew on the grass, The sweet flowers that I pass, The shining of my sun, And the stars at night when the day is done.
Athena the Great
Athena the Great rides through her land Where green is plentiful and flowers bland. Dragons fly through the misty overhead, And with the stars she makes her bed. Rainbow's end, she only knows. The river without a pond, to her it flows. Athena rules with a mighty hand Breaking rocks down into sand. Her world the fires of hell cannot touch. An art so great, Athena is such. For these beaches are where lions play, And fallow deer choose to lay. Graced with peace and tranquility, What a place it must be.
There's a Friend (10:41)
For everything in life, there's a friend. They're there through every twist and bend. Each day brings waves of alternatives, But every night with a friend your heart lives. Even though the past we cannot change, A friend helps to make sense and rearrange. When we are young, life is easy. We can go inside if the wind gets too breezy. Even though, anymore, we can't watch our paper planes glide, Everyday can still be a magic carpet ride. We've got friends to help us tackle our fears. Now we can live our days instead of counting our years.
Shannon is the best in this place. She has such a wonderful smile on her face. No matter if it's night or day, Shannie looks good all the way. If you were to see her, you would know. Who can miss such a beautiful show? She shines with such a brilliance, you'll want to shout! She is beautiful inside and out. Shannon has the power to build dreams, And make people smile it seems. In a world of darkness, if you see a light, It's Shannie's smile shinning bright.
Nuclear Liar
Nuclear warheads are up in the sky. When they fall we are all going to die. All the dreams are put to shame. You cannot put out the flame. After our bodies are flamed and broiled, No-one notices their clothes being soiled. If you are the one that is at fault, I fear for your life when it comes to a hault. Now disgustingly you must plea Not to burn for an eternity. For the sins you have committed, Are something you are permitted. For it's free will for you to decide, But beware the oncoming force you cannot hide. It is there in the night wanting To use your sins as a haunting. If I know you, you will live carelessly. And cry forgivenss as your final plea. On Earth there is no worry, But it is Hell that makes your story. This story I could tell you right now, But you will not listen and your soul will endow. To Hell with those righteous flies, And their false impromptu alibis. I am sorry that you made me this way. It is all your lies to my dismay. Only change will unlock Heaven's Gate, Or you will live a liar's fate.
A Change to Peace
We need to look ahead and look back. It is time the world got on the right track. The past is one thing we cannot leave behind, For history comes back to plague mankind. Our future depends on what we have learned, So we can face our mistakes and not get burned. I was young when I first saw war; Yet even then I wondered what we were fighting for. Is there any just cause to invade another nation, Or is it always the product of one's morbid exasperation? Maybe if we took the time to think things through, Then we would see something other than fighting to do. We can live in a world of peace and harmony, But it will be a lot of work for you and me. We can all gain from putting an end to strife, And live a better, more peaceful life. So let's take off our masks and quit throwing stones, And let peace sit in the world's highest thrones. Once we stop playing hide and seek with our fears, We can live our days instead of counting our years.

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