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Just My Two Cents (if and only if in direct recognition
and correlation with a more superior topic of Daily Insanity)
	Today I would like to compose a letter of 
an anti-warfare hospitalizationalizes economics in
the aerospace divison of stellar concepts as
organized by the oxidizing of a nuetral compound
whos ions describe, in an abstract state, the
forth coming of a millenium goevernment ploy
to decrease the nationalism of other countries.
Much of the comotion generated on an employee-
hairdresser level can be attributed, not soley, but 
proportionalized between the ratios given in the
1944 NAZI party's electorate oxymoronish 
proceedings to disconjugate all nuclear timely
sufferings in the equation produced against
tax evasion in white collar communities with
exceptionally high rates of tubular cover-up
wrappings before the half-egotistical Nixon
Campaign, to the general welfare of carbonic
molecules inside of a gordidas wrapper of a
resturant with an income ratio duely proceeded
with, and in direct correlation with, the officiates
on the member district jurisdiction in offly named
Presidents and Counsil  Members for a good 
America, or more commonly PCMGA.
	Due to the reports in the later half of a 
post-pnumatic strain of combustion engines that
seriously strive to serve and protect houses of
parlimental rulings farther away from any bold
contraceptive thought between the immoral stages
of the fetal feeding process in accordance with
FCC regulations on the long forgotten realms when
an anti-Russian missile took by surprise the
ionization of alpha particles disturbing space-time
continuems, which no-one seems to remember
in part because of an old proverb brought about
illegitimately in rise of conflict, the mindscape
of so many has been changed by acts dawning
upon an open mind that reaches to freeze the 
hands of time by asserting no pressure of insanity.
	To all this I wish to include, on a personal
note, the strivings we cannot take and will not take
as a human race.  Only striving to self-perpetuate
a parahumanoidarianised is what life's all about
in concept of today's world generated by no light
in retrospect of psycodelic happenings.  Calmly I 
report to the end of this composition, leaving you solely
to reflect on the words once conjured by a "great" man:
"Hell, that's all it takes?"

				and utterly proportionalized,
				Tom Clark


	Daily Insanity (the new year of madness)

	This is a composition of the lineage allignment
of brain cells to produce vindicated testosterone in
subject to the egnimatic occurences produced inder
copywrite law in the sequential provence three, if and
only if Canada seperates borders in a numerical 
fashion taking into account snow fall amounts between
the ice age eras from each providence, and the
space-time contiuem stay at intervals equalized by
tubular pressure outside of combustion fueling
fields yet nknown to the general public but
corresponding to each floataion device of a 
Boeing 747.  First I'd like to discuss the pompitous
of love in which Webster has no answer for and the tropical
breeze effecting the outskirts of Austin, Texas has 
yet to behold the nature of in theory.  Boldly stepping
forth with this new lingo of old and new favors to 
which Pentagon analizes as the El Nin~o of rock'n'roll,
which is solely outdated to some molecular and psycodelic
extent, but withholds its price in DOW industry because 
of Great Britian's influence towards the March of Dimes
octathalon coinversely corresponding to lateral wavelengths
of ionized  1984 particles of and from the Earth's core.
To seperate any confusion with these "spage-aged" materials,
scientists have fianally (and may I add, without warning) 
developed a way to freeze molecules and illusionise
the effect on human brains that Jason's mom is 
a fat frigging bitch.  With all technicalities aside, I am
rest assured that the fat bitch resided as always a
stingy whore since the eclipsical dawn of time.
I won't evem get started with that one so I close with
uncaptioned and abridged versions of MacGyver.
					Tom Clark


	Daily Insanity

	So, today I embark on a frivilous journey into the
realm of anti-warfare heaveness love.  Yes, it is
a subject we must all boundfully and indexously
approach as we mark the existence of coexisting
celestial bodies in a constitutional dubbing parlimental
degree.  So into the abyss we made through the
darkness of a thousand nights.  Mine describes 
possesion that I connect with Sahara and her two
hour long curling iron expidition.  So the questio is:
Where's Brian at?  But the answer is unknown to those
of us who drive to the last passenger of life
afloat.  I must bow now and salute coexistence
of prenatal love in the emense state of chaos
and confusion that I that I call life order.  So as
to not conflict with time expendature in a decade of
antitoxicant fluids I must close as I hope 
my point is clear and I may expand as I may 
contract at a later date.

					Thomas J. Clark


        Daily Insanity
	Well, just for the recors I must shun myself in the
orderly cosmetics of the terms endowed by myself to the
seemingly imperialistic term of Daily Insanity.  By contrast
against Queen involved beings to which devote their
time to insanity of school in sixth period, or for the 
idealise in ancient scriptumous maners, yet failing
exactly the interstellar art of which only the human
mind can comprehend and paradoxly not comprehend 
all at once, is that it's me, and against me.
Pompitous can't even describe a yet undefined term
of endearment by which we set our clocks.  So I
made the term, so as I have the rights to use it as 
I must, whether it shall be everyday or as I choose.
Please, seat yourself and have a pepto-bismal for as 
you may give yourself a contusion, legion, ulcer or
tumor, or if you randomize or reckon, I can not 
retract or withhold myself from ordering you up the
platter of pain.  It's your prudent analysis and it is
imparitive.  Help me now or forever hold your piece, yes 
piece, for I dream of self-perpetuatind a

			Thank you,

						(el fin)


Daily Insanity Buzz Clip You can wind a clock and you can hear the wind in the leaves, but you can't wind a clock and here the wind in the leaves. You can tie a bow and you can bow to an audience, but you can't tie a bow and you can't bow to an audience.


Daily Insanity I lost a good friend quite some time ago, but ambidextrously his face still perpetuated the unconscious beholdings of the many cardiovascualar muscles in which it touched, not tangibly, but through immortal portals that stretch the space-time continuem. But throughout this wallow of time as the forgotten, but unforgotten friend's face hung at the window and never said good-bye. please, I'd like to remove myself from this subject and move on like nothing ever happened to break my streak of insanity laughing under pressure. We're cracking and all we need is to give love that one more chance. (This is our last dance) Well, the love is only defined by psuedenomical astrology signatures as all relating to a common pices sign. Hey, Suez, I know I am dying, and dying I am doing. For as which if I cannot in instance finish a train of thought completely. Oh Lord, I'm out brothers. I am out. This waxed and wanned and now behold, is over. Dammit, oh well... BYE!!!!! ~Tom Clark Nah, I'm not gay, not that there's anything wrong with that!