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Hi!! You have reached my personal homepage!! Here I will attempt to explain who I am and why. There are a few things I take to heart in life. Firstly I HATE LIARS. Secondly, I love all my friends and family dearly and would do anything for them. Last I am a MAJOR QUEEN FAN! I love Queen and their music reigns supreme! Feel free to contact me about anything and make sure I have everything working and spelled right here on my homepage, thanks! ;-)


For Queen Fans:
By going to my midi page, I can let you in on one of the biggest QUEEN MIDI collections on the net! I currently have 119 different Queen related midi files. If you have any really rare midi files, please share them with me!! Any help is much appreciated!

There are many ways to get in touch with me personally! Please let me know if you like my page and any corrections in spelling or links I need to make.
First...You can email me at the addy below!
Second...Try my screen name on AOL (I have AIM and can be IMed by any AOL or AIM member)! My name is: TomQueen39 (note: TomQueen39@aol.com is NOT my email address!!!)

Be my guest!


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Queen   Midi   Files

Here you will find a list of all the Queen Midi files. I now have them ready for direct download off the page. Thank you for visiting, keep on Queening, and ENJOY!!!

Click below on QUEEN BIOGRAPHIES for Queen (As it began), and Queen member profiles!


Check out my Queen poem; take a ride from past to present.
There's no way to describe this... It's just what I like to write! Enjoy and laugh!
Just a little more writing for you. Surreal images and such here... enjoy!

My Poetry

Here are my works, just enjoy them and tell me what you think. Thanks!

My    Links

Here you will find many Queen related links that I use a lot. Also you will find the Tribal Voice Homepage for finding out more on PowWow chat. And finally become a friend and sign my guestbook along with visiting my personal friends pages!

Tom Clark

Cortland, OH 444101920
United States


This site last modified on Tuesday, the seventh of March, 2000.
No pictures on this site are made by me. To my knowledge none are copyrighted. If any pictures viewed here are copyrighted and you would like special recognition or for the pictures to be expunged from the site, please e-mail me and I am truely sorry!

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